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Boating Adventures
Mokoro Trails:
Join experienced poler guides on a journey through the myriad of waterways in the Okavango Delta. Spend
a few nights on one of the many islands or go across the delta from north to south in the dugout canoes.
Day trips can be arranged too. The mokoro is the greatest way to experience the peace and tranquility of the
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Africa Pride Botswana
Established 1996
Kayaking adventures:
Join a kayaking expedition where you paddle yourself. Tailor made itineraries available or join a trans
Okavango from north to south. Experienced Kayaking guides will show you the ropes, the wildlife and
share stories of their experiences in the Delta.
Trans Okavango:
Trans Okavango safaris are becoming the flavour of adventure in Botswana, yet few people have done it.
Join an experienced crew who will see you through the Delta from north to south by motor boat. Days
spent travelling, exploring and fishing end with humorous stories around the fire at night.
Arican Wild Dog - Moremi Game Reserve
Makgadikgadi Pans:
Treat your soul to a night on the vast lunar–like Makgadikgadi Pans, the geological origins of what was once
the world’s largest ever super lake. Gaze at the spectacular glittering horizon-to-horizon display of stars.
The seemingly endless space in every direction makes one feel as if you are at the centre of the universe.
The silence is immense with only the awesome heavenly array for company. Drive out on quad bikes; sleep
in super comfy bedrolls with cotton sheets, blankets and pillows. A bbq dinner will be served early evening
and you will be woken up to the smell of fresh piping hot coffee being served. On the way back in, you can
choose to hang out with the mighty meerkats. Spend the morning with these incredible characters and
watch them going about their daily business.
Walking Safaris:
There are many of us who enjoy walking through the wilderness. On foot, one feels a greater part of the
wilderness and the bush really comes alive with sound. Exploring on foot gets one close to the tell tale signs
of the wildlife and experienced guides will unveil the many stories behind them.
Horse back safaris:
Moving through the bush on a horse back safari gets you up close to the wildlife. Ride with herds of Zebra
and Giraffe from comfortable and dedicated horse safari camps. Hand picked horses with excellent tackle,
take you out on morning and evening rides. Experienced guides will interpret behaviour and keep you safe.
Bushman safaris:
Take a visit to a remote bushman village in north western Botswana. The San were the first people to
occupy what is currently Botswana. Their ability to survive in this harsh terrain  is unsurpassed often living
without surface water. The days are spent learning the nuances of food gathering and hunting as well as
experiencing the spirited culture of ancestral belief and trance dancing to bring luck in the hunt and to heal.
Walking with Elephants:
Join Dougy Groves and his trio of Elephants on a remarkable morning of learning all about Elephants.
Dougy's intimate knowledge gained by actually living with his Elephants allow remarkable insight and detail
into their behaviour. After the three hour (slow paced) walk, the Elephants join in on a picnic brunch and
cool drink.
Day trips to the Moremi Game reserve:
If you are passing through Maun and don't have much time, then a day trip to the Moremi Game Reserve
comes highly recommended. Join an experienced guide who will take you their in open 4 x4 game viewing
vehicles. Enjoy a picnic lunch en-route. These trips leave early in the morning and return after sunset.