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Family safaris
Family safaris
Travelling as a family is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourselves and the wilderness. There are a
number of options that allow you to travel alone as a family. Should you choose a Luxury or Affordable
mobile safari, you are guaranteed to have your own private safari staying in private sites! One can also
choose to travel in the lodges or even do a combination of both lodge and mobile thus allowing at least a
part of your safari alone with your family.

Children are welcome. It is true that they are the next generation and that by allowing them to visit the
wilderness, they too will get the urge to protect our planet. There are camps and lodges that are orientated
towards children and many of the camps try and allocate your family to one vehicle. However, there is a
minimum age for some activities like walking and dug out canoes that can only be described as fair due to
their more risky nature.