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Safari travel is both exciting and stimulating and to enhance this very rewarding journey one should travel
with a few essentials that will help make it a journey of a life time.

* A good pair of binoculars are right at the top of the list. Invest in a good pair from a
well known manufacturer. Choose magnification of a minimum of 8 x but preferably
10 x with good optics. Pocket binoculars are convenient yet awkward in the bush -
normal size is recommended.

* Camera equipment is also essential - invest in good optics from a well known brand. Botswana offers
great landscape photography and so a short lens is important. For wildlife photography, a telephoto lens of
around 400mm is important. Make sure that you have a strong camera bag to protect your equipment.

* Travel with sufficient memory cards or image viewing hard drives and batteries.

* Safari clothing - choose neutral colours like Khaki and clothing that is light weight yet durable preferably
with long sleeves. The African sun is harsh and most days are spent outdoors. Don't forget a good wide
brimmed hat and sunblock.

* A good head torch will come in handy be it whilst travelling through the Lodges or on a Mobile safari.
These are tiny and take up little space and are incredibly handy.  

* I you like, bring a GPS - this can be lots of fun to record sightings and also in conjuction with Google
Earth, a chance to see just where you were when you something of interest.
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Dragon Fly Okavango Delta
Red Billed Francolin at dusk