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Established 1996
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This option is certainly for those who want to conduct there own adventures. Botswana offers a range of
eco systems with public camp sites that can be used as bases from which to explore.

Create your own itinary or get a recommendation from us. Explore the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta -
Moremi Game Reserve, Chobe National Park and the surrounding countries of South Africa, Namibia,
Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The vehicles are fully equipped with everything from roof top and dome tents, camping equipment, vehicle
recovery equipment as well as GPS and satellite phones. Each vehicle also carries a fridge for storing
perishables and keep drinks cool.
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Self Drive Safari Adventures
Self Drive Safari - Chobe National Park
Self Drive equipment
Self Drive Equipment
Self Drive Equipment
A fully guided service is also available. The services of a professional guide may enhance your experience
with their intimate knowledge of the bush and surrounding areas.

We strongly recommend that clients book public campsites well in advance.  Between May and September
the public campsites can get booked up a year in advance.

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks no longer accept payment of park fees at entrance gates to
all National Parks and game reserves as of 1st January 2009.
Please observe the following important guidelines:

- The regulations of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Board
- No firewood may be collected in the game reserves – please ensure you have acquired all you need          
before your departure
- Fires may only be made in designated fire pits – bush fires are catastrophic to the environment
- All wildlife should be respectfully observed and not intruded upon. Please be vigilant of animals crossing
- Keep within the recommended speed limits of the parks
- Respect other travellers and operators and do not drive into their camps
- AT NO TIME should you leave the designated roads to follow game
- All litter must be carefully disposed of in the designated areas in campsites or the next village
- Tents and cars should remain locked at all times in campsites to deter baboons