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Established 1996
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Designed for people with a special interest in Photography. Join a specialist guide to learn more about
camera work as well as various behaviour of the wildlife. These tours are conducted with patience and
light in mind. 5 night photography workshops available.


These safaris are designed for people with a special interest in Birds. Birding safaris differ from the norm
by being conducted at a much slower pace. With birding, you don't need to travel far to experience the
joys of the avian world. Botswana boasts around 550 different species from Delta to Desert.

Film crews:

These safaris cater to people on assignment. We take care of all the camp details allowing you to get on
with your given tasks.

Tour leading:

With larger groups travelling, it is sometimes convenient to have a leader who can ensure the smooth
running of your safari. The tour leader makes sure that your time in Botswana is both stimulating and
memorable as well as taking care of the smaller details like confirming onward bound air tickets and
making sure that there is a point of contact with the outside world. Our tour leaders are qualified guides
and ensure that you the traveller gets all the information on the region.


We offer a translator service to people requiring their safari to be conducted in their home language. The
following are available from Maun, Botswana - Spanish, French and German.

Become a guide:
Participate in a one month course that qualifies you as a FAGASA level one guide. The course entails
learning bushcraft, first aid, vehicle maintenance, walking, rifle training, animal identification and behaviour
and stars.
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Specialist photographic safaris
Specialist Briding Safaris
Elephant Sunset - Chobe National Park
Specialist filming Safaris